Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zombie Torch video

I had heard about Zombie Torch as far back as 1970. I finally went looking for it in 2011.

Graffiti Bridge video

Known by many names, Graffiti Bridge is now gone, replaced by a new span. Also known as White Bridge, Puerto Rican Bridge, and Frankenstein Bridge.

Wrapping the story up...

There also was the story of The Blood House. A supposed witch lived in the now burned down home. 
She was said to hex people or abduct children.
Mobsters were also supposed to have disposed of bodies in abandoned mine shafts in the area.
I think that I have covered this fairly completely.

New Covert's Crossing Bridge.

This is the new Covert's Crossing Bridge including an aerial view.

Covert's Crossing Bridge

One other area of interest is the Covert's Crossing Bridge. It is downstream from Hilltown Bridge on Brewster Road. There are multiple stories about this haunting. One story is that newlyweds were on the one lane bridge at night. Their horse drawn buggy was hit by a car. The bride was decapitated and the groom's body wound up in the river, never to be found. A second tale is that a girl was killed in the 1940's on the bridge returning home from the prom. She may have driven off of the bridge during a storm. She will appear at midnight on the bridge, in her white prom dress. The third mentions a ghost of a railroad worker who fell from his train and was also decapitated. Supposedly you park in the middle of the bridge at midnight, turn off your headlights and a ghost like image or ghosts will appear. A cult is said to hang out in this area so be warned. This is a photo of the original Covert's Crossing Bridge.

Zombie Torch AKA Eternal Flame

Walk across the bridge and watch for a path on your left. Take the path back 100 feet or so. You will see Zombie Torch AKA The Eternal Flame. This is some type of oil well with a gas valve release. Legend has it that if you light it, the Hook Man or the Bridge People, will come to get you. The Bridge People may have been a family that once lived near here. The family had water on the brain and wanted to live in seclusion.

Head back to Hillsville Road...turn left...